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The Priory Palace welcomes visitors every day except Monday and Tuesday from 10.00 to 18.00 (the ticket office closes at 17.00).

"Lost treasures returned" - exhibition
In two rooms on the second floor of the Priory palace an exhibition entitled "Return of lost treasures" has been opened. Its subject is the re-stocking of the collections of the collections of the Gatchina palace museum. The exhibition's aim is to give a general presentation of the purchasing policy of the museum and to inform the visitor about new acquisitions. (only Russian text)

Architect Nikolai Alexandrovich Lvov
To write of Nikolai Alexandrovich Lvov is both fascinating and difficult, for he was a prominent, unusual, enigmatic and many-sided personality, and each facet of his talents merits individual attention.

History of the Maltese order in Russia
The solemn ceremony in which the Russian emperor assumed the title of Grand Master took place on 29 November 1798. On that day a decree was issued officially establishing the order of St. John of Jerusalem in Russia. For this occasion the poet Derzhavin composed a congratulatory ode and was awarded the cross of the Maltese order.

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